Principal Contractor Duties

By undertaking the health and safety duties of the Principal Contractor (as per s.22 of CDM 2015), Lindum Safety Services Ltd free up the project management team to concentrate on the construction programme. Our experts in construction safety in London ensure that all aspects of the planning, management and coordination of health and safety during the construction phase are fully controlled for either the whole life of the project or during the individual phase alone. If you are looking for a team to undertake construction safety in Sidcup, look no further!

Lindum Safety Services are here to help with any Health and Safety matter.

Lindum Safety Services Ltd will:

  • Plan, manage and co-ordinate the health and safety of the works during the construction phase to ensure that hazards are identified and risks properly controlled.
  • Ensure that the Construction Phase Plan is issued in a timely manner, and that it is regularly updated as required, and that all affected parties are issued with relevant parts of the Plan.
  • Ensure that the control of the site health and safety risks complies with Part 4 of CDM 2015.
  • Provide regular reports to the Project Manager.
  • Ensure that any overlaps of undertakings are undertaken safely, and are transmitted to the relevant parties by holding regular briefings.
  • Co-ordinate with the Clients own Health and Safety team to ensure that any interface with the Clients own staff and any building works is managed safely.

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Site Audits

With our specialist knowledge in construction safety in Birmingham, we understand that site inspections and audits are an excellent way to identify risks that sometimes go un-noticed.

Although your site management are aware of the risks on site, we hear from our clients that the hazards on site are perceived differently by different people because they are on site every day.

This is why our clients welcome our site inspections as part of their entire management process. It gives the site team the satisfaction that an external organisation will bring to their attention things that they may have taken for granted or overlooked.

Furthermore, we have devised an audit system which allows you to be weighted, scored and specific for the needs of your site.

You can choose your own parameters and KPI's - In fact you can set the standards you expect, the equipment you accept and who receives which actions.

Once on site, we undertake the audit raising any hazards with photo evidence to you immediately so there is no time delay in getting issues resolved.

Require our help?

Our advisors can offer tailored guidance and a flexible plan to suit your business needs.

When it comes to a company you can trust, our specialists in construction safety in London are the team for you.

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